Mountain Bike Rack

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eBikes, MTB, eMTB, Gravel

Designed for bikes with:

Wheel Diameter: 20” – 29”

Tyre Width: 2.1”– 2.8”

Maximum Weight: 35kg

No Fenders/Mudguards



The Mountain Bike (MTB) Rack

Our Mountain Bike (MTB) Rack is designed with larger and stronger folding arms to handle both regular MTB tyre sizes as well as plus size tyres. In fact, our MTB bike rack is also suitable for any bike with larger tyre sizes and including eBikes and heavy bikes up to 35kg.

If you have different brands and models of bike there’s no need to worry about the frame geometry or size. As long as they have round front wheels they will fit in our racks!

Like all of our Steadyrack bike wall mounts, you can swivel or pivot your bike side to side up to 160 degrees to get your bike as close to the wall as possible. The vertical mountain bike rack will also fold away when not in use for maximum storage and space efficiency. Our MTB Bike Racks can be mounted on any structurally sound wall or vertical surface, giving you peace of mind whether you’re hanging your MTB in a hallway, in a garage or on a balcony. Wondering if our Steadyrack MTB wall mount is right for your bike? Read more about how to measure your bike.

Not suitable for bikes with permanent or fixed front fenders.
Some clip-on front Fenders are OK
These are common with MTB and Fat Bikes, but you can also get them for road bikes, commuter bikes and hybrids. Check if your bike is suitable for this rack by viewing the measurement instructions.


Technical Specifications

Dimensions 12cm x 12cm x 80.8cm
Weight 3.7kg
Material Zinc plated steel and plastic
Maximum Tyre Width 2.1” – 2.8”
Recommended Wheel Diameter (inc tyre) 20” – 29”
Bike Style eBikes, MTB, eMTB, Gravel
Bikes With Fenders No
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